Friday, September 22, 2006

Casual Friday & Bumper Boldness

Lexi is getting into everything! One of her favorite places is our closet. I guess she was just trying to help me pick out what to wear. I am so glad today is Friday, because that means jeans (not to mention the all too exciting weekend).

I am about to reveal a strange quirk about me. I don't like bumper stickers. True, some are funny and I don't mind when other people have them on their cars. Lets face it, how else am I going to be entertained, while I'm waiting for a light to turn green? I will never put one on my car though. My reason is completely insane, especially since you know I have a blog. I feel like they give complete strangers a peek into your life. Fellow commuters don't need to know if I like fishing more than work, or if my kid can beat up your honor roll kid, or that I have a cute little family, or if I have a sense of humor, or if I hate tailgaters, or even what my political preferences may be. Now when you think about how open I am on my blog, you realize I am bizarre right? Why do I feel fine expressing some of the details of my life with anyone who checks my blog? I try to tell myself that bumper stickers de-value cars and that is why I don't like them. Really it has more to do with sharing info about myself. By the way, I also don't wear t-shirts that convey messages... Yep, way too personal.

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